2018 Summer Camp & Educator Summit

2018 Summer Camp & Educator Summit

Since 2017, programs offered by Open Mind Africa have been summer camps and after-school clubs for high school students. The summer camps are available for a select number of students and the clubs have open membership.

For the 2018 summer camp, all of the students from the inaugural camp were invited to return. Out of the 23 original students, 17 returned to participate. One of those students, Pius Kyere, returned in the capacity of junior facilitator. He supported the three main facilitators each day of the camp.

Each of the three participating schools was invited to select 25 new students to participate in the camp. In the end, 68 new students attended, making the total number 84 students.

The camp was designed to be three and a half days, a half-day longer than the 2017 camp. After some schedule adjustments, three and a half days of content was spread over five days, from Friday, July 20th to Tuesday, July 24th.

The content of this year’s summer camp was designed to build upon the topics students had been discussing throughout the school year during Open Mind Africa campus meetings.

Participating Schools

Open Mind Africa invited students from three schools in the Brong Ahafo Region. These were the same three schools that participated in the 2017 summer camp, and have been holding OMA meetings on their campuses throughout the year.

These schools were selected because OMA enjoys enormous support and cooperation from their leadership and teachers. The schools that participated in the summer camp were; St. James Seminary Senior High School, Notre Dame Senior High School, and Sunyani Senior High School.

Also in attendance for the camp were 14 staff; three main facilitators, three Open Mind Africa campus managers from the senior high schools mentioned above, and eight supervisors to help run the camp and stay with the students overnight.

2018 Summer Camp Report