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Open Mind Africa offers SEL education and academic/career coaching for high school seniors, along with a Kinesthetic Intelligence Education program tailored for pre-K to 9th-grade students.

Open Mind Africa is committed to fostering holistic growth and development among students across the African continent. With a steadfast focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and character development, we are driven by the belief that empowering young minds with essential life skills goes hand in hand with nurturing the future leaders of Africa.

Our Work

Summer Camps

Open Mind Africa has been organizing annual summer camps for students in Ghana since 2017. The camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn different SEL strategies, receive academic guidance and counseling and enjoy international exchanges.

K.I Education

The Kinesthetic Intelligence Education (KIE) program, with its roots in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), originated as an extension of an SEL initiative conducted by OMA, with the mission to revolutionize learning by tapping into the innate wisdom of the body-mind connection.

Educator Summits

Open Mind Africa held its inaugural Educator Summit on July 21, 2018. Based on the success of the inaugural Educator Summit, OMA plans to continue hosting these types of trainings with as many educators as possible.

Developing Mindset, Character and Skills for Academic and Career Success in Africa.

1. Determination

I never give up when I face challenges

2. Self-Confidence

I believe I can handle every challenge.

3. Endurance

I stay calm under high-stress challenges

4. Grit

I am focused and make progress during challenges

Our Videos

KIE Metrics

Our assessment metrics include an evaluation system with six distinct modules based on data collected from students during the weekly KIE classes. The data is collected promptly in the field with the collaborative effort of the school’s regular class teacher. Read More

Intelligence - KEQ

The initial metric in the series of six, using field data for the evaluation.


We assess and measure their overall emotional intelligence development based on CASEL's competencies of SEL. 


A cognitive tool that serves as an unspoken query present in the recesses of our minds.

Interest To

The integration of individual interests, purpose, and grit forms the cornerstone of our approach to cultivating success


Incorporating three critical components: Hope, Focused Bursts, and Growth Mindset for Continuous improvement of our students.


A cognitive tool that subtly directs our students’ focus, using guiding questions pertinent to various stages in their academic pursuits.


Steps for Students

OMA Career Planning


Outcome (Reflection
and Self-Awareness)


Coaching (SEL Training, Exploration and Decision Making)


and Execution


Fine-tuning and

Students Comments

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