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Developing mindset, character and skills for academic and career success in Africa.

Open Mind Africa partner with academic institutions to provide training in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to students and educators in Africa. We empower students with a range of tools to cultivate and develop mindset, skills, and character for academic and career success. OMA SEL programs help students learn to manage their emotions better, adapt patterns of excellence, and develop passion and perseverance for long-term goals.

Our Work

Summer Camps

Open Mind Africa has been organizing annual summer camps for students in Ghana since 2017. The camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn different SEL strategies, receive academic guidance and counseling and enjoy international exchanges.

Campus Meetings

Open Mind Africa campus managers organize weekly and bi-weekly campus meetings with students at their respective campuses. On the first day of the 2018 camp, there was a conversation with the returning students about the past year’s campus meetings

Educator Summits

Open Mind Africa held its inaugural Educator Summit on July 21, 2018. Based on the success of the inaugural Educator Summit, OMA plans to continue hosting these types of trainings with as many educators as possible.

OMA Teaching and Learning Methodology

The philosophy behind this teaching and learning methodology is to give students the opportunity to construct their own knowledge and skills around a particular topic, ensuring that each concept is explored in relation to students’ own context. The methodology allows time for students to experience topics through a variety of individual and group activities.

1. (Re)introduction and exploration

The purpose of the first meeting in the cycle is to introduce a topic for exploration by OMA members. This topic will remain the focus of the rest of the subsequent meetings.

2. Socratic Seminar

The second meeting is an exercise in collective inquiry, participants work together to understand the topic more deeply and create new knowledge together through their discussions.

3. Sharing and Inquiry

Students have the chance to move from a group discussion to a more personal understanding and connection to the topic under exploration.

4. Debrief, Reflect and Plan

Students are now invited to develop some concrete ideas about how they could go forward with these new tools, techniques and concepts in their lives.
OMA recognizes that many of the topics and concepts in the curriculum come from perspectives and cultural contexts that may be very different from the perspectives and cultural contexts of its members. For this reason, the teaching and learning methodology is designed to allow students to critically examine these topics and concepts from their own individual and collective viewpoints in order to accept, modify or reject them.

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OMA Syllabus

Open Mind Africa syllabus is rooted in Social Emotional Learning (SEL). These researched-based concepts in our syllabus are proven and accepted by educators worldwide. The syllabus will provide students with essential skills for academic success, career development, and meaningful relationships.


• Self-efficacy
• Multiple Intelligences
• Emotional States
• Character Strengths


• Critical Thinking
• Outcomes
• Rep. Systems/ Submodalities
• Anchoring
• Framing & Reframing
• Mindfulness

Social awareness

• Empathy
• Appreciating diversity
• Meta Model
• Community building


• Communication
• Gratitude
• Rapport
• Perceptual Positions


• Analyzing situations
• Solving problems
• Evaluating
• Ethical responsibility
• Meta Programs
• Beliefs

for Educators

• Growth Mindset Toolkit
• Build Connections
• Expert Practice

Steps for Students

OMA Career Planning


Outcome (Reflection
and Self-Awareness)


Coaching (SEL Training, Exploration and Decision Making)


and Execution


Fine-tuning and

Students Comments

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