Students Comments


Here is a selection of comments from the anonymous feedback collected after OMAs 2018 Summer Camp in Ghana.

  • I want the camp leaders to know that what I saw, what I heard and how I felt have now inculcated a mindset within me that I poses very special potentials and abilities and I can develop upon it. This OMA camp has helped a lot. God richly bless them.
  • It will advice that friend of mine to come to the next camp because OMA is the best organization in the whole world and OMA can help him to develop a positive growth mindset which can help him to plan for the future and he can also make a lot of friends like KP, Andrew, Pious etc.
  • The camp was amazing. I enjoyed everything about the camp. And I have learnt so much, which will help my social life and academic life. Thank you OMA Camp leaders for the experience.
  • I felt happy because being my second time to come for a wonderful camp was amazing. Last year camp I applied some of the things we learned and it helped me a lot. To come to this camp was excited.
  • I want OMA leaders, especially Kathleen to know her confidence sessions are making me more and more confident, to rise from my timid shell.
  • Everything was helpful to me since I can now use nonviolent communication to prevent conflict.
  • I would say that person should go on and sign up for the next OMA Camp because he or she will learn a lot and also will have many experiences to share. Joining OMA camp will help you achieve knowledge about how to manage your self and how to control your emotions and manage your time properly.
  • The session we had on our calling. I think this is what people holding a government position in the country should know, that they are not working for themselves but for the nation. This is the true meaning of LEADERSHIP.
  • I will tell them that Open Mind Africa is a very special organization, which really helps the student in Africa to know their goals in life and how to go about those goals they have set for themselves. So they can sign up for the next OMA camp
  • I’ll paste the paper with the growth mindset information in my room so that everyday I wake up, I’ll look at it and be reminded to have a growth mindset and apply it throughout my day.
  • All the information can be applied in my life. I’ll have fewer quarrels with people. I’ll also be able to create and maintain long-lasting relationship with other people.
  • I’ll like them to know I’m very grateful. I had a lot of questions and confusion in my head but thanks to OMA. I’ve got it cleared up. Plus I have a growth mindset now. Thank you.
  • I would advice them to go ahead and join, because OMA helps you to reach yours highest potential. Coming here they did a lot for me and I’m going home a better person. And they can do the same for you (that’s if you want to). Plus you’ll be amazed with what you’ll learn especially at how much power you have in your hands to make whatever you want happen in your life.
  • Growth Mindset and Deliberate Practice lectures were the most interesting class experience. After this class, my way of thinking about myself changed, I started to say positive things about myself. Deliberate Practice lesson also helped me to know how to be consistent in doing something.
  • Deliberate practice has helped me understand why I wasn’t good in certain things or in certain subject. I have therefore learned to have a positive state of mind that I can do it and also to spend a better time to doing it.
  • I learnt that when I am in argument with someone, I should try and know the person’s needs before I react. This is helpful, as it will help me prevent frequent anger and control my emotions.
  • Growth mindset will help me know failure is on opportunity to grow and just a feedback and it also challenges me to go out of my comfort zone and try out new things.
  • In the Rasa activity I learnt that as a person you have to receive what someone is saying or someone’s ideas and ask questions to help you get new ideas, which will help you to solve your own problems.
  • Interest was the most helpful activity about this concept because now I know that I have interest in something I should go for it and focus on achieving that thing – It was helpful for me because, I can now be able to identify my interest in something.
  • I am really excited and glad to have taken part in this year’s camp because, I learnt a lot especially about deliberate practice and the games, and I really enjoyed them.
  • The most helpful activities about these concepts were the constant encouragement from Joe that everyone is a star. He told us this quote by Henry Ford, which goes ‘’ whether you can or you can’t, you’re right’’ this really inspired me to think that I can.

Discussion Questions

The 2018 summer camp sparked a lot of interesting discussions, here are some thoughts from students that we have to continue with the discussion

  1. · Should money be a major or minor priority in building community?
  2. · How can I be recognized as a hero of change?
  3. · How can I contribute to the wellbeing of a community with these skills?
  4. · How do you overcome a fear inside of you that prevents you from doing something you really want to do?
  5. · Is it possible to still have hope in something that you feel you have an absolutely no chance at but you really desire to achieve?
  6. · What should I do when I fail over and over again?
  7. · How can you build your community when you have the ideas to do so but do not have the needed resources?
  8. · Being in a difficult situation, do you have to take advice from one person?
  9. · Should anyone have an interest in only one thing?
  10. · I would like to know more about purpose and how it relates to the well being of others?