Open Mind Africa


Open Mind Africa is founded on the belief that African students have enormous potential for greatness. Sometimes it is greatness unfound, or greatness underdeveloped; greatness in need of energetic, years-long cultivation and refinement. Together we can cultivate greatness in ourselves and in each other. 

Open Mind Africa partners with schools to provide training in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to students and educators. OMA defines SEL as the process through which we understand and manage our emotions, and how we communicate with ourselves, and others to achieve goals. It includes five key competencies of Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making.  

We empower students with a range of tools to cultivate and expand these areas as well as develop mindset, skills, and character for academic and career success. OMA SEL programs help students learn to manage their emotions better, adapt patterns of excellence, and develop passion and perseverance for long-term goals.

At Open Mind Africa we encourage each student to support the academic success of another, to further the development of African countries, and to acquire the skills and grit required for the workforce of the future. Our programs are results-oriented and focus on providing practical tools for students to construct their own knowledge and skills in their pursuit of success and happiness in Africa.

Vision, Mission, Strategy


Developing mindset, character and skills for academic and career success in Africa.


Open-Minded, Well-Educated, Ambitious and Responsible African Citizen.


To educate African students in Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
To provide guidance and counseling to students in their academic and career choices
To mentor and coach students in their pursuit of happiness and success in Africa