Kinesthetic Intelligence Education (KIE)

K.I Education

Welcome to the forefront of education with Kinesthetic Intelligence Education (KIE): Engaging Minds, Nurturing Intelligence, Igniting Potential. In a world where learning takes on countless forms, KIE emerges as a dynamic approach that recognizes and harnesses the power of kinesthetic intelligence. As an innovative method of education, KIE acknowledges that intelligence extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. Our mission is to revolutionize learning by tapping into the innate wisdom of the body-mind connection.

The Kinesthetic Intelligence Education (KIE) program, with its roots in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), originated as an extension of an SEL initiative conducted by Open Mind Africa. This SEL program was initially implemented at St. James Seminary Senior High School in Abesim, Notre Dame Girls Senior High School in Fiapre, and Sunyani Senior High School in Sunyani.

After thoughtful consideration, the founder of Open Mind Africa recognized that to truly instigate a positive and transformative generational change through SEL, it was imperative to begin this journey from the foundational levels of education. This realization led to the development of the KIE program, which places emphasis on harnessing the power of kinesthetic intelligence and experiential learning to enhance emotional intelligence and holistic development. KIE program aims to shape not only academic achievement but also the development of well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills and awareness needed to navigate a complex and interconnected world.