6 feb

Growth Mindset

Why does growth mindset matter? Having a growth mindset helps you focus on developing your abilities rather than proving how smart or talented you are.
13 dec

Striving Wisely

How to aim for the right goals for you
4 dec

Purpose- Strength of Heart (Angela Duckworth)

Commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the world
21 nov

Speed Limits, Character-Lab

There’s no such thing as a fast learner
14 nov

Use curiosity to propel you toward goals

Forward Flow - Use curiosity to propel you toward goals. David Melnikoff, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, talked to us about how to use curiosity to cultivate flow.
31 oct

Dedicated K.I Instructor, Honored for His Exceptional Commitment

Dedicated K.I Instructor, Mr. Osei Yaw Manu, Honored for Exceptional Commitment to Kiddies Paradise/Solomon Bennet Memorial School