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Campus Meeting

We give the African Child access to life changing information and skills needed to be successful in life, manage their emotions properly and maintain a productive relationship with society.

Future Child

We train the African Child at an early age to develop skills and grit needed to succeed in life and lay a solid foundation for future academic development.


OMA Mentors work with mentees in a coaching style to allow the mentees to develop their own skills in line with their natural talents and interests.

Guidance & Counseling

We collaborate with our affiliate schools and institutions to setup or strengthen existing guidance and counseling programs.

Cultural Exchange

We help African students and educators with finding and applying for scholarships and set up exchange programs with schools abroad.

Developing mindset, character and skills for academic and career success in Africa.

Our outcome is not “knowledge acquisition." As open minders mature through experiential learning, their ability to communicate with themselves, others, and the world changes, not just because of what they know but who they have become.

Self Awareness

• Identifying emotions • States
• Accurate self-perception
• Self Efficacy
• Self-confidence
• Multiple Intelligences
• Recognizing strengths


• Impulse control
• Stress management
• Self-discipline • Self-motivation
• Goal-setting • Organizational skills
• Critical Thinking • Outcomes
• Submodalities • Anchoring
• Framing & Reframing • Mindfulness

Social awareness

• Perspective-taking
• Empathy • Meta Model
• Appreciating diversity
• Respect for others
• Representational Systems
• Modeling

Relationship skills

• Communication • Teamwork
• Social engagement • Rapport
• Relationship-building
• Perceptual Positions

Responsible decision making

• Identifying problems • Analyzing situations • Solving problems • Evaluating • Reflecting • Ethical responsibility • Metal Programs
• Beliefs

Character Strengths

• Curiosity • Gratitude • Grit
• Growth Mindset • Purpose
• Self Control • Zest
• Social Intelligence

Critical Thinking

• Active listening • Collaboration • Nonviolent communication • Growth mindset • Developing multiple perspectives • Nonverbal communication • Storytelling • Cause and effect • Logical fallacies and Cognitive Bias • Stereotyping • Vulnerability in conversation • Auditory meditation • Speaking towards beliefs • Somatic movements

Toolkits & Playbooks for Educators

• Introduction to SEL • Introduction to Social awareness • Introduction to Self-management • Introduction to Self-efficacy • Introduction to Growth Mindset • Growth Mindset Toolkit • Build Connections • Expert Practice • WOOP