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SEL Around the World

This concept has been embraced by educators, in the form of programs in “social and emotional learning,” or SEL. Tens of thousands of schools worldwide offer children SEL. In the United States many districts and even entire states currently make SEL a curriculum requirement, mandating that just as students must attain a certain level of competence in math and language, so too should they master these essential skills for living.

Around the world Singapore has undertaken an active initiative in SEL, as have some schools in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Korea. In Europe the U.K. has led the way, but more than a dozen other countries have schools that embrace EI, as do Australia and New Zealand, and here and there countries in Latin America and Africa. In 2002 UNESCO began a worldwide initiative to promote SEL, sending a statement of ten basic principles for implementing SEL to the ministries of education in 140 countries.

Source: Daniel Goleman. Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition
  • SEL Benefits to Students

  • Students learn how to succeed in school, sports, friendships and perform at their best.

  • Students learn to control the way they think, feel, act and strengthen their ability to connect with others.

  • Students learn to be even more fexible and creative and to reframe setbacks into learning opportunities.

  • Students learn how to embrace self- confidence and self-esteem and to give feedback that people will accept and appreciate.

  • Students learn things more quickly, retain the knowledge longer and discover the easiest, most predictable path to achieving their academic dreams.

  • Students learn how to communicate more effectively and to better persuade others to see their point of view.

  • Students learn how to succeed in school, sports, friendships and perform at their best.

  • Students learn how to change self-limiting beliefs that prevent them from reaching new heights of personal and academic development.

    Source: Steve Bavister/ Amander Vickers (2010-02-25) Essential NLP: Teach Yourself.