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Campus Meeting

On-going Campus Meetings

On the first day of 2018 camp, there was a conversation with the returning students about the past year’s campus meetings and a questionnaire was passed out. From this feedback, we were able to determine that the campus meetings were engaging and eagerly attended. Furthermore, it was clear that the basic length and flow of the campus meetings were appropriate for the students.

OMA had provided limited lesson plans for the 2017-2018 academic year. While the students enjoyed the meetings, one goal for this year is to provide more specific content for the students to work with throughout the year. The best way to provide this content is still being determined. There are a lot of new ideas around the meetings that continue to be discussed by the curriculum committee. This include but are not limited to- electing a larger amount of student leaders and giving them a more prominent role, having an official OMA office space for storing OMA materials in Ghana, restructuring the format of the meetings using the Socratic method, and creating a set of reading materials that students can access.

In efforts to strengthen OMA campus meetings through the school year, there has been much discussion and activity to hire someone for the position of OMA Campus Coordinator. This person would be responsible for ensuring each club has the materials needed for OMA campus meetings, and could report back to OMA administrators with any questions, comments, successes, etc. The person would also act as an official representative of OMA in Ghana, as well as complete various other duties as listed in a document drawn up by OMA facilitators in the days after the 2018 summer camp. Edouard Yeboua, an outstanding supervisor during the summer camp, was interviewed and introduced to the role. At the present time it is unclear if he will assume this role, Vida Adams has been coordinating this negotiation.

Going forward, the curriculum committee is in the process of reevaluating the campus meeting system to ensure the students to continue to develop the ideas, tools and techniques they have learned during the camp.

The new lesson plans will be available on our website as free downloads. Comprehensive information about OMA campus meetings (Open Mind Club) can also be found on the website.