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Career Planning Steps

Outcome (Reflection and Self-Awareness)
Research has shown that most people begin to gravitate towards certain career interest, and away from others around middle school. Therefore, at this stage, our members reflect and identify potential career interests. Then OMA coaches use ‘well-formed outcome’ criteria to help our members define clearly the stated career choice or choices.

Coaching (SEL Training, Exploration and Decision Making)
We coach our members in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Growth Mindset, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques as well as Character Development (Grit). We also provide academic guidance and counseling as well mentoring for the members. This stage is very important in preparing our members to explore and research further in order to make informed decisions towards desired outcomes.

Initiation and Execution
At this stage our members have already decided on their career choice and are already in their first year of university. From here on, we encourage and support initiation and execution on the choice of career path they are pursuing.

Fine-tuning and Implementation
Open Mind Africa partner institutions, organizations and companies guide our members to fine-tune and implement the career choice/start up they have been working on since the first year of high school. Open Mind Africa is currently collaborating with the Counsel for Scientific and Industrial Research/ Institute of Industrial Research (CSIR-IIR) in Ghana for implementing this step.