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Open Mind Africa

Open Mind Africa is founded on the belief that African students have enormous potential for greatness. Sometimes it is greatness unfound, or greatness underdeveloped; greatness in need of energetic, years-long cultivation and refinement. Together we can cultivate greatness in ourselves and in each other.

Open Mind Africa models human excellence and success in African students through Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Growth Mindset, Multiple Intelligences Education, and Character Development (Grit). We provide African students with a range of tools for expanding Self Awareness and Self Management as well develop mindset, skills, and character for success.

We coach students to manage their emotions better, replicate patterns of excellence found in the most successful people in the world and to develop passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Open Mind Africa is introducing a modern form of social education where each student is supporting the academic success of another, to further the development of African countries, and to provide the skills and grit required for the workforce of the future.

Open Mind Africa seeks to get every African student involved in the human resource development of the continent. Education is the key that will open the door to Africa’s fortunes. It is time the ordinary citizens of Africa are encouraged to get involved, share their life experiences, mentor each other, and support each other in the pursuit of happiness and success in Africa.

Our programs are results-oriented and focus on providing practical solutions to some of the challenges many African students face in their education and in their pursuit of success and happiness in Africa.